8 Day Virtual Wellness Retreat



8 Days - 8 Teachers - 8 Classes


    8 Teachers come together to provide you with a virtual retreat experience.


    Every day a different teacher will host a class offering potent tools of transformation.


    Connect with like-minded individuals and speak directly with your favorite teachers


    Learn the skills that will help you access your deepest potential and feel fully empowered.

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    Day 1 - Alexis Ren

    Core & Balance 

    This class will target our core to help with better posture and flow in life. We don’t need a gym to create physical balance in our life, and through this class we will gift our bodies with movement so that it loves us back.

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    Day 2 - Sahara Rose

    Goddess Activation Dance 

    Sahara will guide you through goddess activation dance. In her class, you will dive deep into the healing powers of dance, how to get into your body and release stress and tension. Discover how liberating conscious movement can be.

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    Day 3 - Chelsea Yamase

    Acro Yoga 

    Chelsea Yamase will be teaching foundational acroyoga which is a form of partner yoga that can be both acrobatic and exciting or therapeutic and relaxing. We will experience both sides with an emphasis on the theme of support - how does it feel to support or be supported both emotionally and physically? Chelsea was taught directly by the founder of acro and revived her teacher training certification through Acroyoga International.  She believes this practice can be used as a tool to heal and connect people in a playful way that can build trust between partners, communities, and strangers around the world. She’s excited to share this unique passion of hers that leads to endless fun between humans. 

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    Day 4 - Nadia Damaso

    Cooking with love

    In Nadia’s class you will learn more about Nadia’s journey, the WHY behind it all and why eating healthy, fresh & nourishing food is a form of self-respect. She will talk about what an impact it can have on your energy levels, your brain function and your overall physical and mental well-being as well as she will share her tips & tricks what it means to cook with love. And lastly but most importantly, hopefully inspire you to not only become your very own artist in the kitchen, but to also follow YOUR heart and do what feels right for YOU no matter what!

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    Day 5 - Allie Michelle


    Allie will guide you through one of the most powerful tools of healing- the simple practice of the breath. The ancients have been utilizing the breath for thousands of years. This intensive technique is supportive for trauma release, deeper connection to self, and optimal health.

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    Day 6 - Mahina Alexander

    Union of The Ego & Soul 

    Mahina will be holding space for us to explore the Ego; the low self and the Soul; the High Self and the way the two can be transformed, unified and integrated to dance as one creating a free, balanced and embodied human being driven by purpose and meaning.

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    Day 7 - Heather Activation

    Opening Divine Channels 

    In this segment; we will Tap into and ignite the spark within the soul- the Light of your inner Divinity, as to cultivate an authentic relationship with Self, thus allowing you to more authentically express and experience life. Heather’s Live Channeling of the Crown Chakra is a full experience and frequency upgrade.

    Activation Vibration

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    Day 8 - Jade Alectra

    Rebirth Eye Gazing 

    Jade Alectra will be guiding you through an Ouroboros Eye Gaze - An Eye Gaze inspired and based on ancient alchemy derived from creation out of destruction, and life out of death. Ouroboros is a circular symbol depicting a snake swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity. You will not walk out the same way you walked in. Courage can only be present if something scares you and you choose to do it anyway. Make this the shift you are seeking.


We are offering carefully selected gifts to support you on your journey.

$2222 Cash Giveaway winner will be chosen on last day of virtual retreat classes.

 8 handmade MYST MMXX 24k gold rings created through the same method our ancient ancestores perfected- sustainable and woven with intention for you to unlock the depth of power that lays within you. One winner will be picked each days for 8 days

8 Allie Michelle x Anahata Ritual Chakra Kits one winner will be picked each day of classes.

A One on One Live Call Session with your teacher of choice one winner will be picked on the last day of classes.

Details for giveaway will be provided inside members area.