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Virtual Retreat Classes + Anahata Essentials Kit

$444.00 $1,555.00 saving $1,111.00

Virtual Retreat Classes + Anahata Essentials Kit

$444.00 $1,555.00 saving $1,111.00
    Classes Start 6/4/20
  • Virtual Wellness Experience
  • 8 live calls (1 with each teacher)
  • Access to private community
  • Anahata Essentials Kit 
  • All live classes will be recorded and also will be available in your dashboard for you to watch again or download for up to 33 days after the retreat finishes

You will  receive your Anahata Essential Kit curated by ANAHATA x Allie Michelle. This kit includes 7 uniquely crafted products for anointing your earth body. You will also receive a Black Tourmaline crystal, Copal incense, & a hand stamped note from Allie Michelle. 

This is a limited one time offer to invest in your highest expression of your true self. Each product you receive will help you to embody the wisdom + teachings you receive from the retreat. An opportunity to show up for yourself in the outer world, from your sacred space within. 

There are only 1111 Virtual Retreat + Anahata Essentials Kits available.

Eight teachers. Eight days to transform your life. 

Introducing your transformation teachers & chakra guides: 

Chakra: root. Element: earth. Essence: security. 

  • Sahara Rose - Goddess Activation Dance 

Chakra: sacral - Element: water. Essence: pleasure. 

  • Alexis Ren - Core Strengthening

Chakra: solar plexus. Element: fire. Essence: power. 

  • Chelsea Yamase - Acro Yoga 

Chakra: heart- Element: air. Essence: love.

  • Nadia Damaso - Cooking with Love 

Chakra: throat - Element: space. Essence: voice. 

  • Allie Michelle - Transformative Breath 

Chakra: third eye - Essence: knowing. 

  • Mahina Alexander - Union of Ego & Soul 

Chakra: crown Essence: divine connection. 

  • Heather Hoffman - Opening Divine Channels 

Integration of Samsara: life cycle - Elements: all. Essence: oneness.

  • Jade Alectra - Death Meditation 

A Deeper Dive into the Ritual Chakra Collection: 

ANAHATA’s line of products is specifically crafted to stimulate one’s connection to the earth. All of our products are created with the intention to help ground into your own energetic body, cleansing any energies // densities you do not need to carry. 

Each Ritual Chakra Collection is pre-ordered. 

All kits will be shipped out on June 15th. Please be mindful of this timeline to create these unique medicines for you!