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Nadia Damaso, 24, grew up in the snowy mountains of Switzerland. By the age of 21 she has already written 2 no.1 bestselling cookbooks, (now writing her 3rd) and had her own food-line in thousands of stores. She is a true self-entrepreneur and self-taught with all she does from the cooking, food-styling, writing, creating and the photography that you see from her work. She’s convinced that you can do & learn anything and be good at it if you set your mind to it, work hard for it with dedication and most importantly- have passion be the main source of energy behind it all. Apart from her cookbooks, she’s also a public speaker and already gave 2 Tedx Talks, with which she inspired people around the globe to step into their own strength. Nadia’s books are called „Eat Better Not Less.“ She refers to it not just as her diet, but her motto and lifestyle. A lifestyle that is filled with fun, joy, passion & deliciousness. A lifestyle that is about a balance between body mind and soul- whether in regard of your diet, everyday life, physical activity or mindset. Her biggest passion and what she cares about the most, is for people to feel good in their own skin. „I hope I can inspire you to strengthen the the bond with YOUR inner voice, to follow YOUR heart and do what feels right for YOU. And food is a great „tool“, because it not only attracts all senses but has an effect on all you are and do.“